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Press releases

09Jun 2021

PR Audax R_EL Toconal project

02Jun 2021

NdP Audax R_Photovoltaic in operation Carolinas

25May 2021

Appointment of Anabel López in several committees

12Apr 2021

PR Audax R Rating confirmation 2021

17Mar 2021

PR Audax Female Directors appointment

04Mar 2021

PR Audax R_Cañamares in operation

01Mar 2021

PR Audax R_Results 2020

10Feb 2021

PR Audax Los Arenales project

12Apr 2021

PR Audax R Rating confirmation 2021

20Jan 2021

NP_Audax Renovables incorporates new photovoltaic projects

14Jan 2021

NP_Audax purchases new photovoltaic projects

12Jan 2021


31Dec 2020

NdP Audax Renovables has started construction works in Calañas

18Dec 2020

NdP Audax_Green bond issuance 200M

24Nov 2020

Audax Renovables completes placement of convertible green bonds worth €125 million

12Nov 2020

Audax Renovables closes the third quarter with a net result of 10.3 million euros

30Oct 2020

Audax Renovables remains committed to renewable energy by launching construction of another 20 MW in Guadalajara

30Oct 2020

Audax Renovables continues building its photovoltaic plants and launches construction in Toledo

24Sep 2020

Audax Renovables doubles its net profit

22Sep 2020

Audax Renovables issues bonds worth €65 million

10Sep 2020

Audax Renovables launches its firts Green Bond

08Jul 2020

Audax Renovables enters the hungarian market

07Jul 2020

Audax approves Green Bond Issuance Programmes

15May 2020

1Q 2020 Results

02Apr 2020

Ratification of its Investment Grade (BBB-) rating

27Feb 2020

Audax Group’s Results 2019

21Jan 2020

The construction of Cañamares solar plant begins

25Nov 2019

The Company sells a wind farm located in the province of Cádiz

18Nov 2019

The Company signs long-term PPA with Innogy

13Nov 2019

3Q 2019 Results

23Sep 2019

1H 2019 Results

31Jul 2019

The company signs the transfer of two of its Spanish subisidiaries

03Jul 2019

The company signs long-term PPA with Statkraft

28May 2019


15May 2019

1Q 2019 Results

08May 2019

Incorporation of photovoltaic projects for 320 MW

07May 2019

Investor Day 2019

29Apr 2019

General Shareholders’ Meeting approves fiscal year 2018

19Mar 2019

Audax Renovables and Trina Solar sign a PPA of up to 300 MW

27Feb 2020

Audax Group’s Results 2019

18Feb 2019

Audax Renovables expands its promissory note programme

08Feb 2019

The Company signs the largest solar energy PPA

31Dec 2018

Audax Group completes the merger process

13Nov 2018

Audax Renovables increases its profits by 78% until 3Q 2018

26Jul 2018

Audax Renovables doubles its profits in the first half of 2018

14May 2018

Audax R. ends the first quarter of 2018 with a profit of EUR 1.6 million

09May 2018

Audax R. starts the construction of its project in Panama

10Apr 2018

Audax Renovables settles its corporate debt.

25Feb 2018

Audax Renovables increases its EBITDA by 53%, ending the year 2017 with a €7.4 million profit

31Jan 2018

Audax Renovables settles its syndicated loan and fosters development plans

14Nov 2017

Audax Renovables ends the third quarter of 2017 with profits over €3,100,000

27Jul 2017

Audax Renovables ends the first two quarters of 2017 with profits over €2,000,000

09May 2017

Fersa ends the first quarter of 2017 with a profit of €589,000

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