Cookie policies

Cookie policies

What are cookies and what are they used for?

A cookie is a small file that is downloaded to your terminal (computer/smartphone/tablet…) when accessing certain web pages. Among other functions, it allows storing and retrieving information about the user’s browsing habits in order to improve the service offered.

What type of cookies do we use?

The cookies that are being used on our website, as well as their type and function, are identified below:


CookieType and function of the cookieDuration
PHPSESSIDSESSION COOKIE (TECHNOLOGICAL): Standard php cookie to control the maintenance of the session and confirm, in the case of a press, that the user has accessed correctlyExpires: End of the session.


CookieWho uses it?Type and function of the cookieDuration 
Google Analytics (_ga)Google Inc.ANALYSIS COOKIE: It uses an anonymous identifier to distinguish anonymous users and perform analysis on user interactions in the application in order to optimise the services offered.It has a duration of 2 years.
Google Analytics (_gat)Google Inc.ANALYSIS COOKIE: It is used to differentiate between the different tracking objects created in the session.It has a duration of 10 minutes.
(Posiblemente también sean creadas “__zprivacy” y “__zlcid”.)
Zopim Technologies Pte LtdThis cookie used by the Zopim chat system, which allows you to offer real-time chat support.It has a duration of one year.

It is possible that this list of cookies is updated as a result of the introduction, modification or elimination of some of them. For this reason, we invite you to review our Cookies Policy on a regular basis

How can I change the cookie settings in my browser?

You can allow, block or delete cookies installed on your computer by configuring your browser options. Here are the links to some of the most common browsers:

Google Chrome


Opera 19


Internet Explorer