Whistleblower Channel

Whistleblower Channel:


For the Audax Group, corporate ethics is a fundamental principle in our day-to-day professional activity, and is a factor that generates trust both in our clients and in the markets in which we operate.
For this reason, the Group’s Whistleblower Channel is now available to you (as an essential element of the Compliance Model), which will allow you to report irregularities or breaches, whether these are committed by the Group’s administrators, managers or employees, as well as queries to clarify doubts about the application or interpretation of external or internal regulations.
Audax has scrupulously respected all legal requirements, especially in terms of privacy and data protection when designing the Whistleblower Channel. In this way, the privacy and confidentiality of both the whistleblower and the person being reported is guaranteed. Furthermore, any kind of retaliation against the whistleblower in good faith is strictly prohibited.
You can access the Whistleblower Channel through this link: https://audax.whistleblowernetwork.net
You can also download below both the Internal Information System Policy and the Internal Information System Procedure, which regulate the operation of the Whistleblower Channel and in which you will find, among other things, the mechanisms for submitting queries and complaints, the procedure for processing them and the systems for protecting the whistleblower and the reported party”.