Our Brand

Audax Renovables is a comprehensive energy company with 100% renewable generation.

Our main activities focus on the production of renewable energy, as well as the supply of 100% renewable electricity and gas.

100% renewable electrical energy

Our commitment is to offer a closeness, with full guarantees, with clarity and without surprises, seeking a long-term relationship with our customers.

We supply 100% renewable electricity and gas to homes and businesses that want to optimise energy consumption and save on their bills while helping to protect our environment. Audax Renovables customers will be consuming 100% renewable and green energy. This renewable energy does not release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere of our planet, thus making it responsible consumption without harming the environment.

The future of energy is in everyone’s hands. This premise is part of our corporate mission and vision, since we are committed to green energy, that is, to social responsibility policies that look after people and their environment.