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Social and economic development in the surroundings


There are countless advantages offered by developing a new wind farm in a community, in particular related to the new jobs these projects create. Audax Renovables’ wind business has been diversified, always with a clear goal of promoting economic development in the most underprivileged areas.


Audax Renovables’ human resources policy places a priority on local talent, a guideline that is also applied by the sub-contracted companies that perform different activities, which results in new indirect and direct jobs in the communities where they operate.


In addition, the company’s philosophy also consists of applying best practices when building and operating the wind farms, guaranteeing the right sites for the farms and conservation of any historical artefacts that could be found in the area. In this way, it does not only provide the maximum added value to the area but also decreases and compensates any possible economic, social and environmental repercussions that could be caused by operating the business in the region.