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Protection of the environmental



Audax Renovables works to promote renewable energy, to demonstrate its potential and ensure that entrepreneurs and governments use and support them. Therefore, Audax Renovables aims at generating clean energy and protecting the environment, providing a significant contribution to combating climate change.


Our business model is responsible and protects the environment due to its very nature, but we go a little further than this and protect it in all the aspects within our possibilities. We therefore conduct feasibility and impact studies of our business in the construction and operating stages of the wind farms, paying special attention to any possible environmental or social and economic damages that could be caused and defining the required corrective and remedying measures. Once the construction of the farm has been completed, Audax Renovables maintains its commitment by conducting environmental studies throughout the whole life cycle of the farms.




Audax Renovables’ commitment to the environment, and more specifically to migrating birdlife, is shown by its collaboration with the  Migres Foundation. This foundation works on research, awareness-raising, dissemination and activities related to migrating species.


Through an agreement signed between Audax Renovables and the Foundation, a proposal has been developed for environmental projects to be carried out in the wind farms belonging to the Wind Farm Association of Tarifa and its surroundings. Among the objectives of this collaboration agreement is to reduce the mortality rate of birds in the wind farms, conduct studies on the most affected species and raise awareness of the local population about environmental protection and renewable energy.